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Quilt Patterns

I hope you enjoy these quilt patterns, posted as my gift to you. Please note that these patterns, instructions, and illustrations are made available as free downloads only for your personal use. You are welcome to use them for your own quilts but you may not make copies to share with others or publish them in any form, including print and electronic.

Stormy Stars Quilt Pattern

Stormy Stars Quilt Pattern

The Emerald City on the Sound is where the lives of the three Promise Girls get off to a stormy start. As secrets and truths are revealed, the turbulence of their lives calms, giving way to smooth sailing. Make your own version of Stormy Stars to go with the book, The Promise Girls, by choosing three similar light greens, two dark blues, and a white. We can’t wait to see how your Stormy Stars quilt comes to life. Download the pattern.

Town Square Quilt Pattern

Town Square Quilt Pattern

Changes are coming in Mary Dell Templeton’s life, including a new rookie co-host for her quilting show. She designed the “Town Square Quilt” for her new partner Holly, based on the Courthouse Square block, taking a fresh twist on a time-honored block and proving that traditional patchwork never goes out of style. Inspired by the characters and events in Marie’s novel, FROM HERE TO HOME. Download the pattern.

Lucy's Legacy Lap Quilt

Lucy’s Legacy Lap Quilt Pattern

“Lucy’s Legacy Lap Quilt” is a perfect quilt for a beginner or weekend project for the more experienced sewist. “Lucy’s Legacy” can be made with a traditional binding or optional prairie points that add to the challenge and ramp up the fun factor! “Lucy’s Legacy” was inspired by characters and events in Marie’s novel, THE SECOND SISTER. Download the pattern.

Simple Steps Runner Pattern

Simple Steps Runner Pattern

“Simple Steps Runner,” a companion pattern for Marie Bostwick’s APART AT THE SEAMS, is now available for download. The quilt was designed by Deb Tucker, founder of Studio 180 Designs, Ltd. Download the pattern.

Give and Take Baby Quilt

Give and Take Baby Quilt Pattern

“Give and Take” is what we’ve named the baby quilt that Mary Dell and her sister, Lydia Dale, made together. It was their first collaboration and it was a big success! And speaking of collaborations, my friend, Deb Tucker, and I collaborated on this little beauty. And by “collaboration” I mean that I talked about the quilt and Deb did the actual work. And I think you’ll agree that she did her work well! Download the pattern.

Broken Hearts Mending Quilt Pattern

Broken Hearts Mending Quilt Pattern

Many thanks to Chris Boersma Smith, designer of the “Broken Hearts Mending” quilt. If you’d like to know more about Chris, her quilts, her book in progress, or her spiritually centered quilting retreats, visit her website, There’s a lot to see! Download the pattern

Star Crossed Love Pattern

Star Crossed Love Quilt Pattern

Thanks also to Deb Tucker, designer of the “Star Crossed Love” table runner, “Lavender” tea cozy and coasters, and the “Hide and Seek” baby quilt. In addition to these free patterns, Deb has designed full-sized companion patterns for several of my books, which can be purchased on her website, www.studio180design.netDownload the pattern


Stormy Stars Quilt from THE PROMISE GIRLS
Town Square Quilt from FROM HERE TO HOME
Lucy’s Lap Quilt from THE SECOND SISTER
Simple Steps Runner from APART AT THE SEAMS
Give and Take Quilt Pattern from BETWEEN HEAVEN AND TEXAS
Broken Hearts Mending Quilt Pattern from A SINGLE THREAD
Star Crossed Love Table Runner from A THREAD SO THIN
Lavender Tea Cozy from THREADING THE NEEDLE
Hide and Seek Baby Quilt from TIES THAT BIND
Christmas Recipes from SNOW ANGELS and COMFORT AND JOY

** If you’re looking for the full-sized, companion patterns for Marie’s books (Deep In The Heart, Garden Dance, Providence, Star-Crossed Love), those are available for purchase at Deb Tucker’s web site,